Visa Application Center

If I want to visit one of the countries in the Schengen territory, at which Embassy do I apply for a visa?
You must apply for the visa at the Embassy of the country where you are spending the maximum number of days. If your stay is equal in each Schengen country, you must make your application from the Embassy of the country of your first port of entry.

Can I just come to the Embassy of Austria and apply right away?
No, you need to schedule an appointment first in order to submit your visa application at the nearest Visa Application Centre.

Where is the Visa Application Centre located?
There are two Visa Application Centres in UAE:

Dubai: Wafi Mall , 2nd Floor, Falcon, Phase 2,Umm Hurair 2,Dubai,UAE
Abu Dhabi:
Level 25, Shining Tower, King Khalid Bin Abdel Aziz, 26th Street, Adjacent to Khalidiyah Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

How long does it take to process my visa?
Processing of applications takes a minimum of 15 working days.

Where Do I pay the Visa Fees?
The service fee is to be paid Online while scheduling the appointment or at the Visa Application Centre in case of walk-ins. The visa fee can be paid only in the Visa Application Centre in cash or card.

Do I have to apply personally?
Applicants need to submit the visa application in person at the nearest Application Centre.

Can my passport be collected by someone else?
Passports can be collected either by the applicant in person or through an authorised representative along with an authority letter

Can I live in Austria having a short term visa?
No. Short term visa enables you to stay in Austria for the period of its validity only. According to the law in the area of rights and matters of foreigners in Austria, in order to settle in
Austria, you must have a necessary settlement or National Austria visa. Please contact the Austrian Embassy directly for more information or you can also visit the Embassy web site.

Do I need to have a medical insurance?
Yes. Medical insurance is an important part of the dossier.

What do I do if I am refused?
In case of a refusal the Embassy will provide you with a refusal letter mentioning the terms and the place where you can appeal. For more information regarding appeals, please contact the Austrian Embassy web site.

Can I apply for a visa from UAE if I am on a visit visa?
No, you need to hold a valid residence permit from UAE valid for at least 3 months after the date of return in order to apply for a visa to Austria from UAE.

If I am refused, should I wait for some time before applying for a visa again?
No. The Embassy recommends you to apply again only if you think that the circumstances that could have caused the refusal have changed.

If the application process is completed, how do we collect the passports / travel documents?
Courier Case: your passport will be delivered at the address provided by you by courier.
Counter Case: you will be able to collect your passport from the Visa
Application Centre where you submitted your application, once you receive an email/SMS that your passport is ready to be collected:- between 0900 - 1700 hrs in Dubai and between 1500 – 1700 in Abu Dhabi.

How early can I Apply?
Applicants are free to apply up to 90 days prior to their date of travel. The Embassy
recommends that you apply at least 3 weeks prior to your date of travel to accommodate any unforeseen processing delays.

What should I do if I have incomplete documents?
If your application is not accompanied by the documents that are recommended by the Embassy, you will be asked if you wish to proceed with the application as it is, i.e. without all the recommended documents. Should you consent to this, your application will be registered in our system and accepted for visa application submission. Incomplete applications will lead to processing delays or risking to refusals.

What proof will I have that the Austrian Visa Application Centre has my application and passport?
When your application is registered in our system, you will be issued a receipt for the fees you have paid. This receipt is an acknowledgement of the acceptance of your passport.

I am a Palestinian and hold a travel document issued by the Egyptian Authorities. Can I apply for a Schengen visa?
Applicants holding a Palestinian travel document issued by Egyptian Authorities have to send an Email to the Austrian Embassy on abu-dhabi-ob@bmeia.gv.at along with a scanned copy of the passport and the valid residence permit in Egypt, before booking an appointment at the Austrian Visa Application Centre.
Applicants holding a normal Egyptian passport can directly apply at VFS; they do not need to contact the Embassy before booking an appointment with VFS.

I am a Somali national and hold a Somali Passport. Can I apply for a Schengen visa?
Please note that a Somali passport is not a valid travel document for Austria; therefore applications cannot be accepted.

Why is it important to provide a valid personal e-mail address in the application form?
As Austrian Embassy might contact you during the Visa procedure, it is highly recommended to check your e-mails on a daily basis.