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  • Identify visa type

    Choose the right visa for your trip

    The first step is to determine which visa type you need, and check whether you’re eligible to apply for it.

    You’ll also need to know the documents that you’ll have to submit along with your application, how long the application might take and fees you’ll have to pay.

    Each application must comply with the guidelines applicable for your visa category. The supporting documents vary according to your purpose of travel

    If your documents are not in English, you may need to get translations prepared before applying.

  • Begin your application

    Get started with your visa application

    You can apply for Schengen visa either through the VFS Global Visa Application Centers in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, or directly at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi upon previous registration for an appointment.

    For Prospective Applicants

    Applicants who wish to apply for a visa are requested to kindly read the information on this site carefully. The guidelines listed on this site are to help you prepare your documents as accurately as possible. This will reduce the risk of your application being incomplete or take a longer time to be processed.

    You may be asked to provide additional documentation or to come in person for an interview to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi.

    Please note that personal appearance may be required, a Visa / Immigrations officer may require a personal interview at The Embassy of Czech republic, Abu Dhabi, UAE prior to a decision being taken on your application.

    Tourist trips with an accredited travel agency

    Accredited travel agencies are in general allowed to submit applications on behalf of their clients. However, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi currently does not cooperate with any accredited travel agency.



    All applicants must have reliable intentions supported by actual travel arrangements (accommodation and return flight) for the whole trip.

    In case you want to visit multiple destinations in other Schengen Countries, you should provide and explain a detailed travel plan showing all relevant arrangements ((including internal flight tickets or other proofs of transportation). Applications failing the verification process, through checks carried out on hotels, inviting parties and airlines, will be discarded with prejudice.

    As part of the visa application process, all applicants, irrespective of age, must come in person.

    You must apply for your Schengen visa at the Consulate of the Schengen State that you intend to visit. As a general rule, it must be at the Consulate with territorial competence for the country in which you legally reside. The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi accepts Schengen visa applications from residents of the United Arab Emirates, who must have a visa when entering the Schengen area and, who intend to visit the Czech Republic.

    If you are going to visit several Schengen States, you must apply at the Consulate of that Schengen State which will be your main destination or where you will stay the longest period. If the stay in several Schengen States will be of equal length, the main destination is the Schengen State of the main purpose of the visit (i.e. conference, business meeting, etc.). If it is not possible to determine the main destination, you must apply at the Consulate of the Schengen State whose borders you will cross first when entering the Schengen area.

    If the Czech Republic is the only country or the main destination of your visit and you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates, who must have a visa when entering the Schengen area, you may apply for a visa:

       with prior appointment at the Czech Republic Visa Application Centres in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

    Important Information on Biometrics: As part of the visa application procedure, all applicants (irrespective of the age) must come in person to complete their biometric procedures. Your application shall not be accepted if you have temporary injuries, or have a coating of henna (or similar) on the hands, on date of visit to the Visa Application Centre.

    You can submit your application no earlier than six months and generally no later than 15 days before your intended journey. If you apply less than 15 days before the journey, your application may be refused. As a legal rule, a decision on a visa application is taken within 15 calendar days. This period may in individual cases be extended to up to 45 days, if a more detailed examination of your application and/or additional documents are required.

    At the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abu Dhabi, the decision is in most cases taken within 12-14 days.

    Some Schengen States require to be consulted on visa applications by citizens of certain countries. The consultation process may delay the visa procedure by several days. Such consultation is currently required for nationals of the countries listed here

    (Likewise, some Schengen States may require to be informed when a visa has been issued to nationals of certain third countries, which are listed here.)

  • Book an appointment

    Choose a Visa Application Centre and make an appointment

    Once you’ve booked your appointment, you’ll receive an appointment confirmation email along with the letter of appointment.

    If you are part of a family or group, you’ll have to book individual appointments for each member of the family or group.

    Appointments scheduled for one Visa Application Centre cannot be transferred or changed to another Visa Application Centre.

    For Short Stay (Stay up to 90 days)

    Applications for short stay visas are accepted at the Visa Application Centre through prior appointments.

    Each individual requires a separate appointment and will submit a separate application. For example, if a family or group of five is applying for visas, then 5 appointments must be made.

    Appointments are in high demand; applicants are requested to arrange well in advance of their visa appointment.

    Appointments scheduled under one Application Centre cannot be transferred or changed to another Application Centre. For example, an appointment for Abu Dhabi cannot be transferred or changed to Dubai and vice versa. The fees once paid cannot be transferred or refunded. A fresh appointment and a new service charge will be applicable.

    Please email us at if you face any issues scheduling your appointment with the following details:

    • Name

    • Passport number

    • Contact number

    Alternatively you may call us at 04 205 5715 further assistance.

    Please note that if you are a family member of an EU citizen, you are entitled to a priority appointment to submit your application, and you can also request an appointment at the Embassy by writing to

    Prime Time Schedule:

    If you book an appointment between Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 to 09:00, it will be considered as Prime Time, and will be charged a fee of AED 189 (all applicable taxes included) for each applicant in addition to the visa and service fees.

    Rescheduling or cancelling an appointment:

    You are allowed to reschedule your appointment twice and up to two working days (48 hours) prior to your scheduled date.

    Further change in date will be considered as a fresh appointment and a new service charge will be applicable.

    Click here to re-schedule or cancel an appointment.

  • Pay your fees

    Find out the amount you need to pay

    Once you have made your application, you will need to pay your visa application fee. If you are applying online for your visa, your payment will be made as part of this process. If you download the form to print and bring to the Visa Application Centre, payment can be made at the time of your appointment.

    The visa fees will be paid in cash or card at the Visa Application Centre at the time of application submission.

    Please note that the visa fee is not refundable irrespective of the final decision on the visa application, i.e. even in case your visa is refused, the visa fee is not reimbursed.

    Also please note that if you submit your application through the Visa Application Centre, an additional service fee will be charged.

  • Visit a Visa Application Centre

    Attend your scheduled appointment

    You’ll have to submit your complete visa application form at the Visa Application Centre in person.

    Find out What happens at the Visa Application Centre.

  • Track your application

    Stay informed about the progress of your application

    You will receive an email update when your decision has been returned to the Visa Application Centre. If you can’t access email easily, or would like more detailed tracking information, you may also be able to get updates by SMS sent directly to your phone. Check whether this service is available at the Visa Application Centre you are visiting.

    You can also track your visa application status online.  Use the Reference Number present on the invoice/receipt issued by the Visa Application Centre along with your last name to access this service.

  • Collect your passport

    Receive your passport from the Visa Application Centre

    After submission of documents at the Visa Application Centre, you can check the status of your application online, by providing the unique VAC Reference Number and your date of birth. (VAC Reference Number can be found on the invoice-cum-receipt provided at the Visa Application Centre at the time of submission.)

    After a visa application decision has been made, you can pick up your documents from the Visa Application Centre or have your documents returned to you by courier for an additional fee. For some Visa Application Centres your documents will only be returned via courier.

    Collecting your documents in person: bring the original receipt issued by the Visa Application Centre and a form of Government identification (Original). If permitted you may be able to send a representative to collect your documents; they will need to present a letter of authorization signed by you, bring the receipt issued to you by the Visa Application Centre and their Government identification. 

    Please check with the Visa Application Centre at time of your appointment for the options available to collect your documents.

    Please note that the time for passport collection in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is between 09:00 to 17:00 from Sunday to Thursday, except weekends and holidays specified by the Embassy of the Czech republic and Government of the UAE.


  • Additional Services

    We constantly strive to offer a range of high end services to enhance customer satisfaction.

    We constantly strive to offer a range of high end services to enhance customer satisfaction. As part of our constant and ongoing endeavor to add value to your experience we offer additional services designed to make the process easy and effortless. To use them, you will need to pay an extra fee in addition to the visa application fee.

    For your comfort while applying for your Visa you can call us on +971 0420 55761 to know more information on the additional services that are available.


    Platinum Lounge

    An exclusive service to make your Czech Republic Visa application relaxing, comfortable & convenient.

    The lounge offers privacy and comfort, away from the hustle and bustle of the main application centre. Customers can relax in their own private booth within the tranquil and modern lounge, while VFS staffs take care of the entire process, from a personalised chauffer service to and from the VAC, to completion of the application form and payment. 

    The service costs is  in addition to the visa application fees, and is available to customers applying at the Czech Republic Visa Application Centre in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. To book an appointment at the Platinum Lounge, please send in your name and contact number to the following email– or call us at +971 56 402 7722 and you will be contacted for further details.

    Key features of the Platinum Lounge include:

    • Chauffer Service – offering pick-up and drop-off, from anywhere in UAE
    • Valet parking for your vehicle at the entrance of the Wafi Mall
    • Privacy and comfort, in a dedicated space away from the main Application Centre.
    • Secure Wi-Fi connectivity, not available anywhere else within the Application Centre
    • Walk-in submission of your visa application subject to availability
    • Exclusive one to one assistance with filling in your visa application forms and application completeness
    • SMS alert service for visa application updates
    • Personalised courier for return of passports and documents to your door
    • Drinks and snacks


    Mobile Biometric Service

    The Mobile Biometric Service (MBS), offers Czech Republic visa applicants across United Arab Emirates (UAE), the added convenience and ease of submitting their visa applications and enrolling their biometrics, from a location more convenient to them.

    Key features & benefits:

    • A team of professionally trained VFS Global staff will visit applicants on the appointed date and time at the agreed location of choice to collect their applications and enroll their biometrics
    • Service available to individual or group of visa applicants at locations across the UAE
    • Ideal for corporates groups, travel groups, royal entourages, university students/faculty and film-crew as the entire group can submit their applications and enroll their biometrics on the same day and time at a location convenient to them
    • Easy appointment booking and query resolution through a dedicated phone line and email ID
    • Inclusive of courier-return of processed documents & passports to the address of the applicant’s choice
    • Inclusive of regular SMS notification on the status of the application


    How to apply using the Mobile Biometrics Service:

    Step 1: Book Appointment: Call us on 00971 56 4222346 or write to us at to book an appointment

    Step 2: Payment & Confirmation: Our team will cross-check the pre-requisites, confirm on the most convenient location, applicable fees and accordingly confirm your appointment

    Step 3: We will come to you: Our team of professionals will visit the location on the appointed date and time to collect your applications, enroll your biometrics and deliver your applications directly to the Embassy of the Czech Republic.


    To book an appointment of for any queries:

    Call: 00971 56 4222346 | Email:

    MBS service hours: 9:00 – 15:00 (Sunday to Thursday)

    Please Note: All applications collected using the Mobile Biometrics Service will be delivered to the Embassy of the Czech Republic as the only competent authority to assess and decide on the application.


    Fee for Mobile Biometric Service(all applicable taxes included)

    Fee in AED

    Service fee for usage of service per applicant up to 4 applicants

    AED 997.5

    Service fee for Mobile Biometrics per applicant in a group of 05-20 applicants

    AED 630

    Service fee per applicant in a group of more than 21 applicants for Mobile Biometrics

    AED 472.50



    Premium Lounge service

    Apply for your visa within the comfort of our Premium Lounge.

    The Premium Lounge service is available for those customers who would like to experience a dedicated service with personalised attention.

    This service provides the following amenities:

    • A dedicated premium service lounge
    • Well-appointed ambience
    • Refreshments
    • Photocopying service for your documents*
    • Quicker submission of your application at the Visa Application Centre
    • SMS alert on the status of your application*
    • Return delivery of your passport via courier* (if requested)

    *You do not need to pay the additional photocopying, SMS and courier fee if availing the Premium Lounge service.

    Important note: Your visa will be processed and its status decided upon by the Embassy of Czech Republic in UAE. Using the Premium Lounge service does not mean that your visa will be processed faster than the usual turn-around period.


    Prime Time Service

    The Prime time service is mainly aimed to facilitate working professional and business executives who would prefer to apply outside of their own normal working hours.

    Prime time service allows applicants to submit their application at Abu Dhabi or Dubai Visa Application Centre, outside of normal business hours, at a cost for each applicant, plus the visa fee and service charges.

    Prime time Service will be available Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 to 09:00.

    Prime time will be allowed as per the table below

    Prime Time Business Hours

    Sunday – Thursday

    08:00 - 09:00

    The service fee is non-refundable.

    Important: This service does not imply or guarantee in any way that applications submitted during prime time will be processed faster or have a higher chance for a positive result. All visa applications must meet the requirements of the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

    Please Note: The Premium Service is not available in conjunction with the Prime Time appointment service.


    Express Courier

    The express courier service is an enhancement to the regular courier service. This service will enable applicants to have their passport and documents delivered to them on the same day at a place of their convenience instead of receiving it as per scheduled delivery through the regular courier service.


    Form Filling Service

    A member of staff will complete your visa application form online for an additional fee per application. Please note, the Original passport, accommodation booking, flight reservation/schedule and Insurance will be required for this service.

    The form-filling staff will complete your application form as per the documents you provide.

    * All applicants are requested to verify the application form before proceeding to submit the application. VFS and its staff shall not be responsible for the contents and the accuracy of the information entered or any adverse decision arising out of the contents or the accuracy of the information provided on the Visa Application Form; the responsibility lies with the applicant.


    Courier service

    As part of the Courier service, the Visa Application Centre will courier your application, documents and passport back to you, if you opt for this service. You can purchase the service at the application centre. Please enquire about this service when you submit your visa application.


    Extended hours Passport Collection

    The Extended hours Passport Collection service is mainly aimed to facilitate working professional and business executives who would prefer to collect their passports outside of the regular working hours provided the decision on the Visa Application is made and the passports are received at the Application Centre.

    Extended hours Passport Collection will be available from Sunday to Thursday 17:00 to 18:00. During the holy month of Ramadan, this service is available to customers from Sunday to Thursday 17:00 to 20:00.

    The service fee is non-refundable.


    Photo Capture service

    You can have your photograph taken at the Visa Application Centre

    Applicants using this service can have their photograph taken at the application centre. This will ensure that the photograph meets the specifications.


    Assured Courier

    This is an optional service which is an add-on to return courier. This Service offers applicants an option of an enhanced compensation in case of damage or loss in transit during document transportation. A disclaimer will be required to be signed by applicants availing this service.


    SMS Alerts service

    SMS updates will be sent to you informing you of the status of your visa application. Once purchased, you will receive several automated feedback messages to your mobile phone provided while submitting your application, alerting you about the current stage of your application, within the process. The service supports the transfer of SMS text into the language of your choice (Arabic or English) and keeps you updated about the status of your visa application. At the end of the process, you will receive an automated email message (in English only) to the registered email address provided in your application form, informing you that the decision on your application has been made and your passport can be collected from the application centre. However, the outcome of this decision will not be conveyed through these alerts.


    Documents printing service

    Applicants may avail this service to have any document printed by mailing it to us. Please note: this service can be availed only before the submission process at the counter.


    Photocopy service

    You may require photocopies of recommended supporting documentation and can get this done at the application centre itself for a minimal fee.


    Additional Service (all applicable taxes included)

    Amount in AED

    Platinum Lounge

    AED 682.50 per application

    Premium Lounge

    AED 315 per application

    Prime Time Service

    AED 189 per application

    Express Courier

    AED 105 per application

    Form Filling service

    AED 52.50 per application

    Courier Service

    AED 42 per application

    Extended hours Passport Collection

    AED 32 per application

    Photo Capture service

    AED 26.25 (04 photographs)

    Assured Courier

    AED 10 per application

    SMS Alerts service

    AED 08.40 per application

    Document Printing service

    AED 5.25 (per page)

    Photocopying service

    AED 2.10 (per page)

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Visa Application Forms are available in three different languages, they are English, Arabic and Czech however it can be filled only in English and Czech.

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