This section is for legal citizen or stay permit holder in Italy who needs to certify their personal documents in order to meet legal benefits in Italy.

Other than legalization, application for marriage, divorce and birth registration and Declaration of Value (DOV)are also accepted by this section.

Who should apply?


People having valid residence permit or Italian passport, stay in Italy may need to certify personal documents, apply for legalization.

Marriage Registration:

Italian citizen based in Bangladesh may apply for the marriage registration.

Birth Registration:

Italian citizen based in Bangladesh, and the child of Italian citizen by born Bangladeshi may apply for birth registration.

Divorce Registration:

Italian citizen based in Bangladesh may need to apply for divorce registration.


Bangladeshi prospective students for undergraduate or post-graduation program may need to apply for DOV for study purpose.

Bangladeshi citizen staying in Italy may need to apply for DOV for study or other purposes.

How to apply:

Applicant him/herself or representative with proper authorization (a person identified by you on a letter possessing Govt. issues photo identity document) from applicant can submit application on behalf of applicant.

Required Documents: Follow respective checklist available at ‘Documents Required’ links.

Application Form: All applicants have to fill out respective application form.

Translation: All documents needing legalization or registration have to be translated in Italian by authorized translation centers. Translation centers addresses are available at


Birth/marriage/family/death/divorce/widow certificates 2280
Act of Marriage (Nikhanama) 3515
Study certificate study purpose 0
Study certificate for other than study purpose (per certificate/mark sheet) 3515
Police clearance 3515
Medical certificate 3515 & 2565
Declaration of Value (DOV) study purpose 0
Declaration of Value (DOV) for other purpose than study 3895
Bangladeshi power of attorney translated into Italian ("procura") 3515
Other acts (for instance, affidavits, succession certificates issued by Bangladeshi courts, etc.) 3515
Legalization for registration purpose (per document) 1045


VFS Service charge per document is BDT 485

Bank service charge per file (per applicant) is BDT 270

Actual medical certificate attested by MOFA Bangladesh, BDT 3515 and BDT 2565 is for Dr. Rabbi’s certificate of authentication. Dr. Rabbi’s certificate’s fee may vary based on MOFA authentication on the same certificate and the discretion of Embassy.

Documents Required


Divorce Certificate Pre Checking

• (Divorce certificate legalization requires a pre checking and confirmation from Embassy before final submission)

• Requirement for divorce registration:

• Other than checklist above; below are the requirement to follow.

• BOTH husband and wife have to sign in application form

• A copy of a valid ID or passport

• Address in Italy and/or Bangladesh and telephone number

• For the Bangladeshi Citizen: the ID or passport copy must be notarized and attested.

Marriage Registration

Guideline for Marriage Registration:

• (Italian citizen having acquired Italian citizenship after/before the marriage, have to register their marriage at consular section, Embassy of Italy, Dhaka.)

Birth Registration


• Follow the guideline for required documents. Form A and student information sheet to be filled up.

Form A

Student Information Sheet

DOV Guideline for 2019 – 2020 session

DOV Guideline for IELTS 2019 - 2020

General Guidelines:


Bangladeshi citizen legally staying in Italy those need DOV to follow the DOV part of ‘checklist for legalization

Application for DOV and certificates legalization for study purpose is free of embassy fee. VFS fees are applicable.

IELTS certificate with minimum score 6 is mandatory for all prospective for this session 2019-2010 students (2019-2020) in Bangladesh.

For other students, IELTS requirement is based on the requirement set by the respective educational institute.

A letter from student mentioning the purpose of DOV/study certificate is mandatory.

If the DOV/study certificate is required for other purposes than study, a mail communication document from authority concerned in Italy who needs this DOV/study certificates to be attached with application file.

A regular DOV student does not require filling Form A.

Photo Specifications

No photo required for legalization.

DOV applicants photo may take from photo booth available at VFS Global center or can bring 2 photo in 4.0 cm*3.5 cm.

Processing Time

Minimum 7 Calendar Days required for certify documents.

Download Form

Download respective forms on A4 size paper

• Applicant Details Form For



Divorce Registration Form (Required for Italian citizen only)

Marriage Registration Form

Birth Registration Form

Student Information Sheet for DOV applicant

Pre Enrolment Application Form for under grade student

To Download a Form:

• Click on the respective form link