Condition of obtaining new visa

Due to the temporary restrictive measures applied in Italy related to Covid-19

the following measures are enforced only for applicants who have obtained a Schengen visa from the Embassy of Italy and will not be able to travel due to the current emergency


These applicants can obtain a new visa at following condition:


  • Applicants must prove that they did not travel to Schengen Countries (by showing that there are not any entry stamps of Schengen border authorities in their passports);
  • Applicants must submit new itinerary, updated proof of lodgment and update travel insurance accordingly;
  • The new travel dates should take place within 120 days from the date of the issuance of the already obtained visa starting at least from 3rd of April;
  • Beside the passport no further documentation is required (no new form, no new photo etc.);
  • Embassies will not collect new visa fees;
  • Outsourcing companies will not collect any service fees.