Additional Services

VFS Global offers a wide range of services designed to provide you a smooth and seamless visa submission experience.

Please note, the additional services are optional, and carry an extra charge over and above the VFS Global service charges. For more details on how to pay VAC Services Charges and additional service charges please check the Service Charges tab

Mode of Payment of VFS Global fees: Payment of Canada Visa Application Centre Service Charges and optional additional services

• By Mail - Service Fees can be paid in Bank by an applicant in Bank Audi branches in Iraq. Applicants who are applying via mail in services needs to pay Government of Canada Fees online.
• In person - By Cash (IQD). Applicants can pay the Government of Canada fees via online or in cash (USD) in the Visa Application Center.

A formal receipt will be generated for every completed transaction.

Service Charges for Services offered at the VAC

Service Price (Per Applicant)

Amount in CAD (inc. VAT)

Amount in IQD (inc. VAT)

Photocopying (price per page)



Printing (price per page)



International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliant photography  $3.37  3,000.00

SMS "per application"



USB Drive
 $6.33  5,750.00
Locker  $3.00  2,750.00


*Service charges include all applicable local taxes and are subject to change as per government's notification.

**The CAD exchange rate is determined by the Canadian government.

New service charges became effective on 02 November 2019. The submission date for mail-in applications will be the date on which the Visa Application Centre receives the application. If a mail-in application is received and does not include correct payment for current service charges, the applicant will be contacted to pay the difference or the application will be returned back to the applicant.




Save time and protect your valuable original documents with our Photocopying service.

The quality of your photocopied documents is extremely important to your application, and with our Photocopying service, you can be sure that your documents are ready for your visa application.

We offer fast, high-powered machines working on top-quality paper at our Visa Application Centres.

It’s fast, easy and affordable.

This service can be availed at the Visa Application Centre during your visit




Support your visa application with high-quality printed documents.

Whether you need an application form or a supporting document, we offer high-quality printing services at our Visa Application Centres.

Our top quality inks and papers ensure that your application is clear, legible and fit for submission - meeting the exacting standards required for your visa application.

This service can be availed at the Visa Application Centre during your visit


International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliant photography


Support your application with high-quality personal photographs.

Want to ensure that your photos meet the required standards, or forgot to bring an image of your own?

Not to worry.

Our friendly staff are available to photograph you during your visit to the Visa Application Centre - ensuring that you have a photograph that meets the quality standards required for a visa submission.

It’s quick, affordable and easy - and our staff can handle it all for you.

This service can be availed at the Visa Application Centre during your visit




Stay up to date on the progress of your application, with regular SMS updates.

The SMS service keeps you in the loop at all times - sending an automated message to your mobile phone at key stages of the application process.

Which means no needless worry, no long periods of uncertainty, and no wondering about the status of your application.


Please note

These updates are currently only available in English.

This service can be purchased during the time of visa submission.


USB Drive


Want to save your digital documents and files for later?

Using the Self Service Workstation?

Save your digital documents and files for later

If you’ve chosen a Self-Service Workstation, you may want to save your documents and files for later - for example, to speed up your online application, or for future visa applications.

So, if you'd like to do this, and you can’t (or don’t want to) bring your own USB device, we offer the option to purchase a USB drive when you visit the Visa Application Centre.

It’s affordable, high-speed and perfect for storing your digital visa application documents.

Please remember: if you’d like to save your files from the Self-Service Workstation, a USB drive is the only way to do so.

This service can be availed at the Visa Application Centre during your visit


Locker Service


We’ll keep your valuables safe whilst you apply for your visa.

To ensure the safety of everyone who visits us, some items are prohibited in the Visa Application Centre.

If you need to bring such items during your visit, we offer an optional Locker service so that you can store your items nearby for convenience.

No hassle, time or money spent on third party storage - just collect your items at the end of your appointment and get on with your day.


Additional information:

Here you can find a list of items prohibited in the Canadian Visa Application Centre.

Please note: not all prohibited items can be stored in our lockers.

This service can be availed at the Visa Application Centre during your visit