Frequently Asked Questions

Visa Application Centre

What is a Visa Application Centre (Canada Visa Application Centre)?

Canada Visa Application Centres have been established to provide administrative support to its clients for the successful submission of applications for all temporary resident categories (visitor visas, study and work permits) and travel document applications to the offices of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada around the world.


Who is the Canada Visa Application Centre contractor in Ukraine?

VFS Global is the private company authorised by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to operate the Canada Visa Application Centre in Ukraine.


I heard there will be a different contract on 02 November 2019. How will that affect me?

Please visit for more details on the new requirements and services of the contract.


Should I submit my application early, or hold for a bit before submitting it?

Please keep in mind all the usual guidelines concerning processing times; travel dates and other factors remain in place. Please visit for further information on the changes that will come into effect on 02 November 2019 in order to decide when to submit an application.


What will happen if my application is not returned to the VAC by 01 February 2020?

If you submitted your application at the VAC on or before 01 November 2019, the IRCC Office will coordinate the return of documents.


I see that fees have increased for passport return. Do I have to pay the difference if my passport is sent back after 01 November 2019?

Any services paid for prior to 02 November 2019 are considered fully paid.


Can I Schedule an Emergency Appointment?

Applicants requesting emergency appointments for the purpose of biometric collection may do so provided suitable proof of the emergency is presented at the time of the appointment. Suitable proof may include a note or other documentation from an official. Please note that this proof only needs to be presented and will not be collected by the Visa Application Centre, and that this will provide an emergency biometric appointment but not affect IRCC’s processing time for the application. For any further information or questions, the Contact Centre is able to assist with any inquiries.

Please click here to Schedule an appointment


Application Process

Where do I submit my visa application?

You may submit your application at the Canada Visa Application Centre. Applications may also be submitted to IRCC by using IRCC ’s online application system (E-Apps).


Can someone else submit the application on my behalf?

You may appoint a representative to submit your application on your behalf. To do so please complete the Use of a Representative [IMM 5476] form and/or VFS Global Consent Form, authorizing the representative to submit or collect the application pack/decision envelope on your behalf.


Will I need to go in person to give my fingerprints and photograph each time I apply?

If you are submitting an application for a temporary resident visa, study and/or work permit, and you are biometrics required, you only need to give biometrics once every 10 years.

If you are submitting a permanent residence application, and you are biometrics required, you will need to give biometrics each time you apply.

To find out if you need to give biometrics, please visit


Once I enroll biometrics, how long will my fingerprints be valid?

As of July 31, 2018, biometrics are valid for ten years. If you enrolled your biometrics in the past, they are valid for ten years from the time of enrolment. Validity of your your visa or permit cannot exceed the validity of biometrics. Permanent residence applicants will need to give biometrics with each application.

Your fingerprints will also be permanently deleted if you are granted Canadian citizenship within this 10-year period.


Do I need to submit biometrics for my visa application?

To find out if you need to give biometrics, please visit


Is an appointment required for submitting biometrics at the Canada Visa Application Centre?

Effective 02 November 2019, prior appointment is mandatory for Biometric Enrolment at the Canada Visa Application Centre in Ukraine.

To find out if you need to give biometrics, please visit  

Please note, for the sole purpose of scheduling appointment VFS Global will collect Personal Information from the applicant. A consent form to this regard will be required from the applicant


How do I pay the Government of Canada Fee for my visa application?

The Government of Canada Fee can be paid online via the IRCC website using a credit card or debit card from a Canadian Bank using INTERAC® Online and registered for online banking through your bank website. To pay the Government of Canada Fee online please click here.


How do I the pay the Canada Visa Application Centre service charges?

Payment Instructions for Canada Visa Application Centre Service Charges:

  • In person - By cash (UAH) and credit card or debit card.
  • By mail - Fees can be paid by bank transfer in favour of “VF Consulting Services LLC” and fees must be in UAH only.

Please see below bank details for bank transfer :

Company name - VF Consulting Services LLC

Company reg. number – 34796531

Company address –1A Sportyvna square, “Gulliver” Centre, 8th floor, Kiev, 01001, Ukraine

Bank name – IdeaBank

Account number – 26004007914100

Sort code – 336310

For complete instructions regarding Government of Canada fee payment and Visa Application Centre service charges please click here


What will happen after I submit my application?

Once you submit your application at the Visa Application Centre, the Visa Application Centre staff will perform a completeness check based on IRCC requirements and will then submit your application on your behalf on the following business day.

Once a decision on your application has been made the Visa Office will then securely return your passport to the Visa Application Centre who will inform you via your preferred method of communication. An update will also be provided on the Online Application Tracking System, that your application is ready to be returned. Your application will then be returned to you, as per your preferred method of return.


What type of visa do I require?

The type of visa you require depends upon the purpose of your trip to Canada. For further information on visa types please consult the extensive information contained on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website.


How can I track the status of my application?

The status of your application can easily be tracked by clicking on the “Track Your Application”.


How can I retrieve my passport?

To retrieve your passport (s), you have the choice of;

1. Picking up the passport in person from the Canada Visa Application Centre or,

2. Requesting return of passport by courier.;

Please note that there will be a Service Charge for the above services. Courier charges where applicable are separate from the Service Charge applicable for Passport Transmission Services. The details can be obtained on Service Charges page.


What documentation do I need to retrieve my passport?

If you are retrieving your passport in person, you must bring with you:

1. A copy of the stamped biographic page of your passport

2. The original receipt issued by the VAC

3. A form of government identification


How long will the application process take?

For the most recent application processing times, please visit the local Visa Office website.


Will I be required to attend an interview at the Visa Office?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada may require you to attend an interview at the Visa Office. The Visa Application Centre will contact you, or you might be contacted directly by the Visa Office and you will also be notified by an update on the Online Application Tracking System.


Who can I contact for further information?

You may contact the call centre operated by the Visa Application Centre (please refer to the Contact Us tab on the left of this page), or alternatively visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship 


What additional services are available to me?

The Visa Application Centre provides a variety of additional services for your convenience and ease of application such as photocopying, courier, assisted data entry (assistance with completing the forms). For complete details and prices please refer to the “Services and Service Charge Schedule”.


I am planning to go to Canada to study for less than six months but might want to extend my studies. What type of application should I submit?

Please refer to:


What documents do I need for my visa application?

The documents required depend upon your purpose of travel. Please refer to the Visa Types section and follow the applicable links provided there, or visit the website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.


Can the Visa Office ask me to provide additional documents or information?

Yes, the Visa Office may require you to submit additional documentation. An update will be made on the Online Application Tracking System and will be followed up with an email to ensure you have received the instructions. You will then be asked to submit the additional documentation to the Visa Application Centre who will then submit it to the Visa Office on your behalf.


I would like to go to Canada as a student. What are the funding requirements?

The funding requirements for students depend, among other factors, upon your intended length of stay in Canada. We recommend that you consult the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website for the latest information and ensure that your documents satisfy these criteria when submitting your application at the Visa Application Centre.

If you are a student destined to the Province of Quebec, you should also review the information on the Immigration-Quebec website.