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Customer experience and feedback

VFS Global is committed to delivering a world-class service. To help achieve this, VFS Global welcomes and values feedback from customers. You can be assured all feedback receives our full and complete attention.

Customer compliments

Feedback is always welcome. If you have any comments about the service you have received from us, please do get in touch.

Steps followed for the feedback process are:

1. Applicants compliment the service/staff

2. VFS Global Customer Support team receives the compliment

3. The staff is given a certificate of appreciation


Customer complaints

We take complaints seriously and use them as an opportunity for continuous improvement of our company and our staff. When you get in touch with your comments, you will receive a timely response and resolution of your grievance, in accordance with our complaint handling procedure.

Steps followed for complaint handing process are:

1. Applicants give feedback about service/staff

2. VFS Global Customer Support team receives the feedback

3. The feedback is shared with the concerned supervisor

4. The supervisor investigates the complaint and responds with a resolution. If the response provided is not satisfactory, the feedback may be readdressed.


In the event that the response provided is not satisfactory, you can escalate your complaint.

If you would like to share your feedback directly with The Department of Home Affairs, please click here.