Important Information regarding submission for D-visa stamping (appointment is mandatory):

We will have to check on an individual basis, if the visa – after such a long period of time – can still be issued. In some cases, we can hand back the passports after some days, other cases might require provision of additional documents from the applicants or re-validation of the visa approval with German authorities. So there will be no average processing time in the Embassy. People just have to wait until they’ll be contacted by us or by VFS.

For family reunion visas, passport and Embassy letter are sufficient. If we need additional documents, we will contact the applicants

For work visas: Confirmation issued by employer, that contract is still valid and that presence in Germany is necessary (e-mail is sufficient)

For all study-related visas: Written confirmation of the university that physical presence is necessary / that the studies cannot be pursued completely by remote-learning. This we need to issue the visa, and they will need to present a copy of this document when passing immigration at the airport in Germany.

We do NOT accept the following categories for stamping: Language courses (without admission for study at university), Studienbewerber, Cooks, Job-Seekers.