The Germany Visa Application Center in Bangalore re-opens for D-Visa-services for simplified prolongation of national visas (D-category) that expired during Covid-19 lockdown.

If your visa for family reunification, studies, high qualified employment issued by the German Consulate General Bangalore has expired during lockdown, you may hand in an application for re-issuing of your visa through VFS German Visa Application Centers in Bangalore and Cochin between Monday, July 27th and August 26th, 2020 (deadline). Please book your appointment at VFS. After 26.8.2020 a new visa application with all necessary documents will be required.

Applicants who are eligible as per below eligibility criteria can submit their documents and passports at the Germany Visa Application Centre in Bangalore by taking a prior appointment using this link:


  • You are physically present in India
  • Online Application form
  • 2 Photograph
  • Your D-visa was valid at least until March 16th, 2020
  • Your visa has already expired or will expire within one month
  • Purpose of travel and destination of travel (address of future residence, university, employer) remain unchanged

Documents to be presented through VFS:

For all categories:

  • Your passport with the expired visa

Family reunification / intended marriage:

  • Copy of the residence permit of your spouse, if he/she is not a German / European citizen
  • Online Application form
  • 2 Photograph
  • Salary slips of the last three months of your spouse in Germany (does not apply to German and European spouses)
  • For intended Marriage additionally: New certificate of intended marriage if the intended date of marriage has passed and new  letter of guarantee (Verpflichtungserklärung) if the previous one was issued over six months ago

Employment visa:

  • Up-to-date confirmation issued by your employer in Germany, stating that the work contract is still valid and that your travel to Germany is urgently required despite the pandemic situation (this document will also be required when crossing German immigration at the airport)
  • If you applied with a pre-approval of ZAV, it must be renewed in case it is older than six months
  • Up-to-date proof of health insurance for Germany
  • Online Application form
  • 2 Photograph

Study-related visas:

  • Letter of enrollment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) or new admission (Zulassungsbescheinigung) for the upcoming semester
  • Written confirmation of the university that your physical presence in Germany is necessary as the studies cannot fully be pursued remotely (this document will also be required when crossing German immigration at the airport)
  • Up-to-date bank statement regarding your blocked account
  • Up-to-date proof of health insurance for Germany
  • Online Application form
  • 2 Photograph

The Embassy / Consulates will contact you if further additional documents have to be presented. As reissuing procedure depends on the individual case, no average processing time can be estimated. Thus, please refrain from sending status requests to our Missions.

The re-issuing of D-visa is free of charge. VFS service charge will apply.

Before booking a flight ticket, please wait for return of your passport and consult information about the current exemptions from the entry ban to Germany on our website and respect quarantine regulations in effect in Germany. Transport regulations applicable to the current repatriation flights offered by various airlines and third-country transit rules might be more restrictive than German entry regulations

Your safety is our priority. As part of precautionary measures, customers visiting our Visa Application Centres may be subjected to body temperature checks to assess their health conditions and required to wear face mask and gloves. Customers exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, including fever (higher than 38 degrees Celsius), cough and difficulty breathing will be allowed to reschedule their application submission for another day and will be advised to seek medical attention at the nearest healthcare facility of their choice.

Apart from the safety procedures conducted, please note that –

  1. Limited number of customers will be allowed inside the Visa Application Center at a time. Please ensure you come at your appointment time only.
  2. Wearing a mask within the Visa Application Center is mandatory.
  3. Customers are requested to complete the Courier formalities at the time of submission as post decision passports will only be returned by courier as mandated by the Consulate of Germany in Chennai. Applicants will not be permitted to visit the Visa Application Center for collection of passport.

Thank you for your understanding.