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  • Identify visa type

    Choose the right visa for your trip

    Before booking an appointment, you are kindly invited to:

    Visit the official website FRANCE-VISAS.

    First click on “1. Do you need a visa?” and, if you need it, get an indicative list of supporting documents and the amount of the visa fees to be paid. Additional information are available under the tabs “General information” (which includes “Guidelines”), “Coming to France for…”, “Your arrival in France”, “FAQ” (on top of the Home page), or using the quick links at the bottom of the Homepage.

  • Begin your application

    Get started with your visa application

    On the FRANCE-VISAS website, click on “2. Start your visa application”: create an account and answer the questions on-line (your visa application form will be automatically filled in and available for printing);

    At the end of the visa application form filling process, a list of supporting documents and the amount of visa fees will be displayed;

    Then you are invited to click on the France-Visas page to get the necessary information regarding appointments.

  • Book an appointment

    Choose a Visa Application Centre and make an appointment

    How to book an appointment

    • Now that you have collected all the required documents (forms, passport, photographs, medical insurance covering your trip, various proofs, visa fees, etc.) and your visa application is ready, you are requested to make an appointment prior to visiting the Application Centre. All documents requested must be submitted at the time of submission. Incomplete applications may be refused;
    • Next available appointment: No available appointment until further notice.
    • An appointment is mandatory and must be made for each visa applicant; including children under 12 even if they do not have to submit their application in person.
    • Each visa applicant must come in person to submit his/her application except children under 12.
    • Children under 12 are not allowed to enter the Visa Application Centre.
    • For Family appointment requests, please send details of all members in one e-mail.
    • Group Appointments: group requests for more than 10 applicants must be sent to This address is reserved for travel agencies.
    • You can book an appointment up to 6 months before the date of the planned trip;

    To book an appointment, you are requested to send us an email to with the following details in English:

      • Full Name
      • France-Visas Reference Number
      • Passport Number
      • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
      • Passport Expiry Date (DD/MM/YYYY)
      • Nationality
      • Gender
      • Date of Departure (DD/MM/YYYY)
      • Contact Number (Mobile Number)

    An appointment confirmation will be sent to the email address provided by the applicant.

    IMPORTANT: An appointment will be booked for the applicant ONLY if ALL the above information is provided. In case of any missing detail, no appointment will be booked without intimation.

    • Every applicant applying for a Schengen visa to travel to France has to appear in person to hand in the application at the Schengen Visa Application Centre.
    • You must print the appointment confirmation letter in order to present it at the entrance of the Visa Centre.
    • Visa Applications (Short Stay and Long Stay) for Spouse of a French National will be received directly at the French Consulate. To schedule an appointment, please write to:
    • Applicants with Diplomatic and Service Passports should apply at the French Consulate. To get more information, please write to:
    • All Medical applications (treatments and check-up) should be submitted at the French Consulate. To schedule an appointment, please write to:
    • For any study application (Short Stay and Long Stay), please contact Campus France in Iran
    • For any Scientific application (Short Stay and Long Stay), please contact Campus France in Iran
    • For family members (Spouse and Children) of Scientifics and Students (Short Stay and Long Stay), please contact Campus France in Iran
    • For any long-stay request (except Studies, Scientific Research, Student or Scientific Family), please contact the Visa Service
  • Pay your fees

    Find out the amount you need to pay

    If payment online of the service fees is not available, you will have to pay the service fees, in addition of the visa fees, at the Visa Application Centre, at the time of your appointment.

    Visa Type


    Visa Fees

    Airport transit

    Duration of the transit


    80 €

    Short Stay

    One to 90 days maximum


    from 1 to 4 years

    Short Stay Over Seas
    Guadeloupe, Martinique,
    la Réunion, Saint Barthélémy, saint martin

    One to 90 days maximum

    60 €

    Short Stay Over Seas
    New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Mayotte, Wallis and Futuna, St-Pierre and Miquelon.

    One to 90 days maximum


    9 €

    Short Stay Child 6 - 12 years

    One to 90 days maximum

    40 €

    Short Stay Children under the age of 6

    One to 90 days maximum



    For Nationals of



    35 €

    Student visa (Campus France)

    Long Stay (more than 3 months)

    50 €

    Long Stay Visa

    All Long Stay Applications, except Students and Scientific Researchers

    99 €


    Spouse of French

    Family of EEE (Spouse and child below 21 years old) - Original passport is mandatory

    French Teacher

    Scientific Researchers (with Convention d'Accueil)

    French Government Scholarship

    VFS GLOBAL SERVICE FEE (per application)

    25 €


    • The cost of the VFS service fees is 25 euros per visa applicant.
    • This amount should be only paid in Euro and in cash.
    • The local currency, as well as other currencies, are not acceptable.
    • The service fees must be paid at the VFS center when submitting the visa application.
    • The VFS center offers optional services
    • Optional services can be paid at the VFS center.

    2. VISA FEES

    • Visa fees are mentioned on the website FRANCE-VISAS ( as well as on the list of required documents provided with the visa application form.
    • Visa fees must be paid in Euros at the VFS center.
    • Methods of payment: cash.
  • Visit a Visa Application Centre

    Attend your scheduled appointment

    You’ll have to submit your complete visa application form at a Visa Application Centre in person, unless instructed otherwise.

  • Track your application

    Stay informed about the progress of your application

    You will receive an email update and an SMS when your passport has been returned to the Visa Application Centre. 

    You can also track your visa application status online from the France-Visas website (under “4. Track your application”):

    Use the Reference Number present on the invoice/receipt issued by the Visa Application Centre along with your last name to access this service.

  • Collect your passport

    Receive your passport from the Visa Application Centre

    After a visa application decision has been made, you can pick up your documents from the Visa Application Centre or optionally, have your documents returned to you by courier for an additional fee.

    For some Visa Application Centres, your documents will only be returned via courier. Please check with the Visa Application Centre at time of your appointment for the options available to collect your documents.

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