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  • Overview

    Visa application to be requested in the specific situation in which the applicant has already requested the renewal of the permit of stay to the Questura but must return to the home country before the new permit of stay is issued while the current permit of stay is already expired.

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  • Visa Fees

    The Visa Fees are as follows;

    Long Stay Visa (Over 90 days) IDR 2.015.000

    A service charge of Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) 370.000 is levied per applicant by VFS over and above the Visa Fee, is payable in cash in Indonesian Rupiah only.

    An official receipt should be obtained for all payments made. Due to ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, passport collection must now be done by mandatory courier services. This facility is available at an extra cost.

    Please note that the visa fees are as above indicated. No other amount will be requested for the visa issuance or for urgent process for visa issuance.

    Terms and Conditions:

    Kindly be informed that Logistic fee and other additional service fees are not refundable once the payment is made.

  • Documents Required

    Applications for Long Stay Visas to the Embassy of Italy in Jakarta can be submitted, by scheduling an appointment and solely by personal appearance of the applicant, to the VFS Italy Visa Application Centre, only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 08:00 hrs to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 15:00. Please note that applicants under 18 y.o., in any circumstances, must be accompanied/represented by both parents (father and mother) when submitting the visa application.

    Necessary documents in order to apply for a:


    • Type D National Visa form duly filled out and signed.
    • 2 (two) recent color photos (size 35mm x 45mm with white or very light background and in accordance with the I.C.A.O. standards).
    • Valid passport (valid for at least 3 months beyond the last day of the intended stay in the Schengen area). This passport should not bear any correction regarding the personal identification data. If your passport contains a correction regarding this personal data, you are required to change your passport with a new passport that contains correct data. NO additional correction on page 4 or 5 is allowed.
    • Letter specifying the reason of request of the reingresso visa attaching a copy of :
      • Expired permesso di soggiorno
      • Copy of the renewal kit from Uffico Postale in Italy
      • Copy of convocation from Questura to give the fingerprint or to collect the permesso di soggiorno (if any)
    • Copy of passport’s bio-data page.
    • Original or copy print-out of confirmed flight-booking or air ticket.
  • Photo Specifications

    For Photo Specifications, please click here;

  • Processing Time

    Applications accepted at the Italy Visa Application Centre will be submitted on the next working day to the Embassy of Italy for a decision. Visa processing time will take maximum 15 calendar days, however during certain high season period it might take longer than usual.

    All visa decisions are solely at the discretion of the Embassy of Italy in Jakarta.