Kindly be informed that starting from Wednesday, 15 May 2019, it is mandatory to make an appointment to submit visa application to France Visa Application Centre in Moscow.


  1. Submission for Short Stay/Schengen visa application
  2. Book the appointment online at in the section: “Where to submit your application?” > “Whom should I contact?” > “Moscow” > “Book an appointment”
  3. Applicants are advised to come to the visa application center 15 minutes before the appointment time with a printed appointment confirmation letter
  4. Delay is permitted up to a maximum of 5 minutes after the appointment time. More than that, the appointment is automatically cancelled and the Applicant is to book a new appointment on another date


Visa application to France must include:

  1. The printed visa application form edited on line and validated from France-Visas website:
  2. The “registration receipt” which bears a 17-digit number starting with “FRA”
  3. A complete set of required documents mentioned in the “registration receipt”

Services Inside France-Visas Application Centre

  1. Applicants may print the France-Visas form and the “registration receipt” at the internet kiosk inside the Visa Centre
  2. Photocopy
  3. Photos
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Passport return via courier service

These services must be obtained prior to the appointment schedule. All documents must be ready at the submission counter by the appointment time.

Applicants are advised to wisely plan their visit to the Visa Centre.

For Applicants’ convenience, they are invited to use the services of Prime Time and Premium Lounge. Please contact our staff for more information, or visit our website at: